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How to trace mobile number or phone location

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How to trace mobile number or phone location in India.
sometimes more serious things like we have calls from unknown senders, annoying fake calls or simply blackmail calls then it becomes genuine curiosity(need) that we must know who is calling, from which location he is calling and who is its service provider and much more so that we can easily track the person who is misusing the device.
Also tracing of mobile phones helps alot when we wants to report to the operator that your sim card is misused against us...and so and so....

 The three different methods to trace a mobile number.
1. Tracing Manually from Wikipedia.
2. Tracing through Website or Internet.
3. Tracing through your mobile phone (phone must support Java applications).

We cannot reach to the caller directly. we can only know from where he is calling and which mobile operator service he is using . But we can use this to lodge a report of suspicion against the caller directly to his operator that particular Sim card holder is giving false calls or threatening calls to you. Note: If Operator gets convinced  from your report the Sim card of caller will be temporarily blocked and a misbehavior report is being lodged against the Sim card holder. Also if verification is successful that is you are able to verify that particular person is threatening or giving fake calls to you then caller have to face the imprisonment along with heavy fine. So limitations are there but lots of great advantages of tracing mobile phone is there.

Method 1 : Tracing Manually by looking to Code Planning Table.

Using this method we can trace the caller manually i.e. we have to make some effort to see the Code planning table which you can get below:

How to use this table to trace mobile number or phone ? 
All mobile numbers in India have the prefix 9, 8 or 7. Each zone is allowed to have multiple private operators. All mobile phone numbers are 10 digits long. The way to split the numbers is defined in the National Numbering Plan 2003 as XX-YYY-NNNNN where XX is the Network operator, YYY is the Mobile Switching Center and NNNNN is the subscribe numbers. 
Now you can easily break a number in three parts and trace it accordingly in the table.

Method 2: Tracing though website
This method is quite simpler you have to visit to the following website and put the mobile number you want to search in the search box and click on enter. It will search its database according to National Numbering Plan for mobile devices and returns you the required result.
Website to trace Mobile Number:

Method 3: Tracing through your Java Enabled mobile
In this method we use a small java application which is loaded with above coding plan for offline phone usage. There we have to install the java application in the mobile.

Download Mobile Tracer: 
ShaPlus_Mobile_Info.jar  version 2.5 (25kb)
ShaPlus_Mobile_Info.jad (click this to install from phone)

After Installing run the application. Now there you will see the box to type the mobile phone number that you want to trace. Put it there and click on find. It searches its database and return you the location and operator of following mobile phone number.

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