Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Unlock Nokia Cell Phones – Tutorial & Procedure

Nokia Mobiles which offers one of the most sturdy and affordable range of mobile phones in the current mobile market. These cell phones come with multiple capabilities but the main problem with the most of the handsets are that these are many time are operator locked which are sometimes very annoying. You can unlock most of the handsets from basic handsets like Nokia 1100 to 3200 to the most advanced smart phones like the latest Nokia N8, Nokia N79, Nokia C5, Nokia E5 and almost every mobile phone can be unlocked.
Procedure to Unlock Nokia Mobile phone:
Step 1: Find Your Nokia Mobile Phone Model & Network
First, you will have to search for your Nokia Mobile Phone model by either finding the same on the box package or even below the battery you can find the model number of the same. After finding the model number, you also have to note down the operator on which your handset is locked on to like T Mobile or Vodafone, this you can easily find through the operator logo from the home screen.
Step 2: Provide Information to Unlock Nokia Mobile Phone
You will have to provide some information like IMEI number for which the unlock code will be provided. After finding the mobile model and the IMEI number, you need to purchase the Unlock code for your Nokia Mobile phone, which can be purchased easily from Nokia Unlock Code provider Site by paying a small unlock code fee  from either Google Checkout or by PayPal or also can use Credit card in the Google Check out or PayPal gateway. You don’t have to worry about the security as the payments as these gateways are cent percent safe for all your online transactions.
Step 3: Enter the Nokia Unlock Code into Your Nokia Device
Now, after buying the unlock code, you will be provided with a unique unlock code for your operator locked Nokia device which let’s you to proceed for the step-by-step instructions on how to complete the unlock process below.
To proceed, first you will need to select your Nokia model from the list of the mobile devices. If you do not see your phone model in the list, type Nokia in the search bar at the top and you will find a list of all Nokia Phones which can be unlocked or even you can select Any Nokia device if you are unable to find the name in the drop down list. So just by following three simple steps you have successfully learnt on how to Global-Unlock Or Unlock-free Nokia Mobile phones after which you can easily use any of the sim card with the unlocked Nokia Mobile device.

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  1. Here the method said is Correct unlock the Phone,But i have unlocked my Nokia Phone as free of cost,I got the Free Unlock code from unlock-free and Unlock it,because my Mobile is OLD model 6600 so i unlocked it free ,if it PDA means i unlocked for cost ...