Monday, March 4, 2013

Run Backtrack 5 on Android devices

           Here is a tutorial showing your how to run Backtrack on your Android device, consequently allowing you to have a mobile hacking device capable of cracking WiFi, exploiting machines and MITM attacks.

  • Rooted Android Device
  • 5 GB Free Space (Internal Storage)
  • 7Zip to Extract File (you can downlaod it here: Click here
Note: You will not be able to do any network monitoring or WEP cracking due to the drivers loaded on your ANdroid device, however, if you are able to hook up an enternal wireless adapter capable of packet injections then in theory this will work to hack WEP.
Step 1:  DOwnload Android VNC From the Market.  Then Download Terminal Emulator.
AndroidVNC: Click here
Terminal Emulator: Click here
Step 2:  Download BackTrack5 for Arm here : Click here
Step 3: Extract the .7z File using 7zip. Then, extract the bt5.img.gz archieve using 7zip as well.
Step 4: On your device, make a folder called “BT5″ and transfer all the contens of the archieve there.
Step 5: Go to the playstore and download an app calledBusyBox”  Click here
After you downloaded it, open it and hit the install button. It will install busy box.
Step 6: Open up terminal emulator.  Then type in the falling.
cd /sdcard/BT5
sh bootbt
export USER=root
(make up any password)

Step 7: Open up ANdroid VNC.  Enter the password you created for the password field.  You can leave the address field, and nickname field blank.  For port, start with 5901.  If you receive a connection error increase it to 5902, then 5903 and so on.  The port tends to be a tricky hit or miss number.  Then hit connect.

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